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       Venezuela, Paradise for  Birds

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The book led to the first Venezuelan Video Guide in 2003, published  in DVD, with 350 species, 25% of the Venezuelan Birds.

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I was born in Italy at the end of the second war, in 1949 I emigrated with my family to Venezuela where I lived for 60 years until I was able to flee to Australia in 2010.

I graduated in Chemistry (62-67) and then did a Post in Education, I worked in the chemical industry and later 25 years at Uní as Lecturer/Researcher, from where I retired in 1995 to pursue my passion.  This began as a photographer in the early 70s, culminating in the book "Venezuela, Paradise for Birds".  In the 80s, at the age of 40, I began my career as a Wildlife Filmmaker. 

Produced, filmed and directed many documentaries on Birds, Mammals, and fauna in general, including a complex project on hummingbirds and submarine pieces, I was a scuba diver for 21 years. Produced Video guides of Birds of Venezuela (350 species),  Hummingbirds (125), Birds of Sydney (100) and Australia (250), dozens of DVDs, microprograms for TV and more. 

Currently, in my late seventies, withdrawn against my will from commercial activity, I produce footage and documentaries as described in my catalogue. My pieces intend to be entertaining and educational.
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